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What's up, LJ?

This is quickly becoming a ghost town... sorta like usenet. I remember when my internet and my usenet accounts were separate.

April Fools

Not as amazing as last year but hey...

Whole Foods - Organic Air

Google - LAME
I thought their ripoff of glados was lame.

NIN - Strobelight
Produced by Timbaland - my fav from this year.

UCSD - Fake Acceptance Letters

SSBB Violent Edition - Pretty lame

Think Geek - Squeezable Bacon - gross

YouTube - not as cool as Rick Astley

Wallingford - Secedes from Seattle :O

Consumerist - Cats!

Woot - Bag of crap, $1mm shipping

Mother Nature - Snow in Seattle this morning... LAME

Feel free to share more. :P

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"National feeling, which up to now was regarded as something lofty and beautiful, has instead become like a spiritual syphilis that has destroyed the brains, and it grins out through the empty eye sockets with moronic hate."

Carl Nielsen, Danish Composer on World War I
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